The Nominating Committee shall be concerned with drawing up a slate of candidates, without regard to age, sex, ethnic origin or disabilities to fill vacancies on the three Boards of Officers caused by the regular expiration of service of officers, or through death or resignation. Nominations shall be made by a representative nominating committee of active members of the church. Additional nominations may be made from the floor. At least two members shall be designated by the Session, one of whom shall be currently on the Session and serve as Moderator of the Committee. At least one member shall be designated by and from the Board of Deacons and one by and from the Board of Trustees. Other members (none of whom may be in active service on Session, the Board of Deacons or the Board of Trustees) in sufficient numbers to constitute a majority thereof (at least five, exclusive of the Pastor), shall be chosen by the congregation. The Nominating Committee shall be chosen annually and no member of the committee shall serve more than 3 years consecutively.

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