The Session


The Trinity Presbyterian Church is governed by the representative body called the "Session". The Session is charged with governing the church, as well as providing for the spiritual welfare of the congregation.

The Session consists of the moderator (normally the pastor), the Clerk of Session (not necessarily an active or ruling elder)  and ordained and installed Elders whose terms of office have not expired. Elders can be elected for three years and can succeed him/ herself "once" upon completion of a three year term. No Elder shall serve for consecutive terms either full or partial, aggregating more than six years, after which one year must elapse before a person can return as an Elder on Session. Inactive or "non-ruling" Elders (not currently serving on Session) may attend meetings of Session and have voice, but no vote. The Clerk of Session is an ordained Elder appointed to serve as clerk and administrative officer for both the session and the congregation. The Clerk of Session is voted into office annually by the session and has no required term limit.

Ruling Session Elders  - 2024

Elder audrey bennett

Clerk of Session




Elder Angela Burnett                                                Elder Christine Finley

Elder Sheila Drummond-Camm                               Elder Carol Ann Taylor






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